Oh My!

18 02 2011

In reaction to the deplorable conditions of captive animals in its circuses, the country of Bolivia passed a law that effectively shut down the circus industry within its borders. This is good news for many of the animals, and 25 lions recently arrived here in Colorado to be rehabilitated at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO.
A new facility had been built for their arrival, which will permit them to gradually acclimate to Colorado temperatures, and get used to their new surroundings. Eventually, the lions will be released into 4 separate prides living on specially-designed 20-acre habitats where – for the first time in their lives – they will be able to live like lions.
As you can probably imagine, this is a fairly expensive operation, and the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary relies heavily upon generous support from donors.
The Wild Animal Sanctuary provides a safe habitat for many different species at its 320-acre facility. I encourage you to visit their website to see what they’re all about and how you can help them with their mission.
You can also visit the facility to see the animals there, which include lions and tigers and bears.

60 Minutes News Story from Wild Animal Sanctuary on Vimeo.




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