Little Sisters

24 05 2011

I recently heard a story from the BBC about the disappearing little girls in India. Here’s a link to the news story on the BBC website. Be forewarned: it is not pleasant.
In India, sons are what families want. Daughters are seen as a burden on the family. Sons bring money into the family. Daughters take it out, via a dowry when they are married. It’s difficult to measure exactly how many baby girls disappear as a result of the desire for families to have sons. Some are late-term abortions after the sex is determined. Some baby girls are born and then never seen or heard from again. The lucky ones end up in orphanages.
The ratio of boys to girls under the age of seven in India is discouraging, and many little girls are neglected and mistreated. Steps are being taken by the Indian government, but many think it is not enough.
Here is a trailer for the documentary film Petals In The Dust, which takes a hard look at the problem. (Again, not a pleasant subject.)

I’m afraid I don’t know what the solution is. How does one go about changing a cultural mind-set? Still, there are charities like AmeriCares that work in India to help families and children living in poverty. It may not be a direct pipeline to solving the problem, but I really don’t see how lending your support to AmeriCares can hurt.




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